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"hello 911 i’d like to report a murder in th-" "haha, wow you’re a little snitch. hold on a sec. HEY DAVE, CHECK OUT THIS FUCKIN SNITCH ON LINE THREE"

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a haiku for disney





simba doesn’t count

tiana was mostly frog

y’all racist as hell

I’m just saying, there are more POCs than just those two. I agree we need more, but we must also realize that being POC does not mean just being African/African American. Lilo is a POC, Pocahontas is a POC. Jasmine, tiger lily, Kita, and a few others are also POC. Just don’t forget that if you ever argue with Disney about how little POCs they have. Luckily, we have a new one coming with Moana, and hopefully many more UuU

as you may know, haikus have a total of 17 syllables. they are, therefore, necessarily brief—meaning that it is structurally impossible to include large swaths of information (such as names of characters from every disney movie ever made).

more importantly, however, your anti-blackness is off the charts. presence of non-black PoC in movies doesn’t negate anti-black racism. obviously i know that non-black PoC exist. did this post specifically say disney has no PoC? no. rather, it addressed the racism inherent in depictions of two disney characters who are either directly (tiana) or indirectly (simba) tied to blackness. you are talking out of turn and out of your league.

relatedly, the mere presence of any PoC in movies doesn’t negate the films’ perpetuation of white supremacy if the depictions of the PoC are inherently racist. none of the examples you listed negate disney’s strong investment in damaging stereotypes.

tl;dr you are wrong on multiple levels and i am embarrassed for you

when not minding your own business goes wrong

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im alwys DTF (Dancing To FallOutBoy)

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“Never be afraid to apologize to your child. If you lose your temper and say something in anger that wasn’t meant to be said, apologize. Children need to know that adults can admit when they are wrong.” — American Humane Society (via maninsun)

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damn I need to marry one of them fast


damn I need to marry one of them fast

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"when women wear makeup they’re basically lying to us" well i don’t see why i’m being blamed for a man stupid enough to really think i have red and gold eyelids

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