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is he cute or is he just tall????  a real question yall need to ask yourselves 

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destroy mancrush/girlcrush and their silent no homos

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if you ever have the temptation to tell a survivor or victim of violence to be “better than” the person who hurt them, staple your hands together. 


Our record comes out in two weeks, and we’re releasing it on April 25th at The Horseshoe here in Toronto. There’s still time to pre-order the album, all vinyl comes with a bonus 7”. There’s also a release show ticket/vinyl/cd bundle available. Tickets are moving fast so don’t sleep on it.

Love you all and looking forward to celebrating a long awaited day for us.

In person at The Horseshoe, Soundscapes & Rotate This

"We have ‘free’ education through grade 12 as a basic human right in the U.S. And what is it? A system set up for processing, grading and sorting human raw material into an input for corporate HR departments. The first statewide public school systems were set up in New England because mill owners needed hands who’d been taught to be punctual, line up on command, eat and pee at the sound of a bell, and cheerfully obey instructions from an authority figure behind a desk. As a majority of people moved into white collar jobs, this basic function persisted — with the additional task of schooling students to prioritize tasks set for them by an authority figure over their own self-directed interests, and to regard as a trivial ‘hobby’ anything not assigned by a boss."
— Kevin Carson ("When Basic Services Are Guaranteed As a ‘Right’")

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The Wild Youth - EP



And if you’re in love, then you’re the lucky one, cause most of us are bitter over someone.

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first date idea: come over and do all these fuckign dishes and then leave. just leave. get out of my house

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Unskilled labor doesn’t exist.

Labor which requires skills that are devalued does.

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