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The Devil

The Devil - Margot and the Nuclear So and So’s

Come back home, I’m sick, quick,
Make me the president of your club, kid
Please, I’m down on my rusted knee
Come back home

I ain’t afraid of the devil
I ain’t afraid of the devil
I ain’t afraid of the devil, oh no

I totally slept on the release of a handful of albums last year (only realizing this now as I read through “Best Of” lists), but I am genuinely a little upset about this one because it’s prime and I’ve been missing out. 

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  2. kimtaehyungah said: Sometimes I like that we always miss the same things because it’s like we’re living the same life and that amuses me, but then I think it’d be nicer if we split the things we miss 50/50 so one of us can always tell the other about something awesome.
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