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capefear replied to your post: sometimes i get so upset that people don’t…

LEAH do u want to get “misandry” tattoos with me, we can get them on our middle fingers it will be perf and also cloe and zani too

there is nothing i want more

I am actually really serious about this.


i would be stoked if this is how ppl reacted to me

I’m never going to feel like a truly whole and complete person until I can fulfill my life goal of assembling three badass pals to be the babes from the Craft with me on Halloween. 


One Night Only

It’s the morning before tour and it just occurred to me that this is really happening.
Jesse and I are leaving this afternoon to go to another town and play our songs (some old, some new) for our fans (some old, some new!). There is something really special that happens between a band and an audience during a show. It’s not something that can be easily summarized. There is an exaltation that occurs that is impossible to capture. It’s not just something you experience with your eyes and ears, it’s something you experience with the entirety of your self. I’ve often compared being at a show to standing at the edge of a massive canyon. You can’t photograph it, or film it or even explain it. It is you in the presence of something that is unexplainable, in a space and in a time. That may seem like hyperbole, but anyone with both of those transcendent experiences can also attest to them. What really makes a show special though, is community. It’s not just you, it’s us. Together.

Together Jesse and I are coming to share new material, and to work out the kinks. Some songs don’t have any words yet. Some songs are like bucking rodeo horses that we can just barely hold on to. But one thing we are sure of is that the songs are sooooo fucking exciting.

So, we are asking that those of you that are coming to the shows respect the sanctity of what we are doing and to try your best to not shoot video or record audio. We are not banning your devices or asking anyone to enforce this, and we don’t want you guys to get into it with other audience members. In the end, do what you want, but it is our preference to keep what we are doing on this tour between us. Besides, we PROMISE you will have more fun if you just forget about everything and go bananas. Forget the future, forget that past. It’s you and us together tonight.



DFA1979 was the first band I ever ever ever saw live (back in October of 2004) and not only are they still one of my favourite bands, but now I get to see them on Devil’s Night and everything about that is perfect and wonderful and awesome and I am so pleased. 




During the first season or two of Roseanne, Roseanne Barr was treated horribly by the producers, who wanted to get rid of her, even though she was the creative genius behind the show, which was based entirely on characters she had developed. She went with “success is the best revenge,” working extra hard to make sure the show hit the #1 spot, knowing at that point she could seize creative control. She hung out with the crew and supportive castmembers (including John Goodman, who flat refused to do the show without her), and put a list on her door. That list had the name of every single person who worked on the show. When they pissed her off, she’d cross off their name in red. Everyone in red was to be fired the second she was in charge. She took this policy from Machiavelli, and she made good on it. Her first move was to fire everyone who had tried to shut her down. She also promoted a number of women writers and fired a number of men writers for being sexist. So, this shirt is no lie.

Honestly don’t know if there’s a bigger badass than Roseanne. I doubt it.

Roseanne doesn’t just get role model status, she gets “I think I love you, please adopt me and teach me your ways” status.

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black is the color of my hair, my eyes and my spirit”- ming xi for grey magazine september 2012

Role model status.

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My feminism, believe it or not, is wrapped up in shit-talking. The two are intertwined. In one hand, I carry my ideas and aspirations for me and mine; and in the other, a big-ass stick. While I’m working to create new and better spaces for those who are left behind, I’m making sure that those who opt out of helping me and others in our quest will never live it down. My feminism is vicious for those who cannot be. It is loud and ugly and it will laugh in your face if you give it excuses. It will keep your name in its mouth. It will never have a problem with keeping you on your toes where you belong.

[…] Do not be afraid to call for accountability. Do not be afraid to speak the truth as roughly or as eloquently as you like. Do not ever think that you owe someone the energy it takes to be gentle. Do not coddle. Do not think that you don’t deserve the respect they will not deliver you. After all, word is bond. Speak your safe space into existence.


The Untitled Mag » On Shit-Talking Your Way Through Life

The benefits of shit-talking, written by Michelle.

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that’s my gang

Someone do this with me for Halloween, please. 

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Possibly the most important purchase I have ever made/will ever make in my lifetime. THRILLHOUSE ‘TILL DEATH! Also, I moved, so, I don’t know, take this time to enjoy this small snippet of my room, including the bulletin board that remains unused because I keep consistently forgetting to buy pins. 

Here’s some non-Instagram pictures of Brand New last night in London, just in case any of you went/care about Brand New as much as I do. 

Heads up to anyone seeing them on this tour, Jesse was on stage with An Horse for their entire set, so, don’t skip out on the opening bands.

And here’s a terrible quality video of the 3-ish minutes of Welcome to Bangkok that happened before I put my phone away because I wanted flowers.

Did you know you can buy tarot cards at the dollar store? Because you can, and I just did. 






‘Secret Keeper Girl’: A website offering modesty fashion tips for young Christian girls (To visit the site, click image or here; Found at Friendly Atheist)

I didn’t pass most of those questions

IDK what everyone’s problem is, this all sounds like a really fun party.

"Have a friend look right at your bottom."

Alright then, if you say so.

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You ever see something that is so completely relevant to all your interests that you just kind of look at it while saying “Yes, yes, this a thing that is good,” and then you’re just generally stoked that somewhere out there cool things really do exist? That’s what this is for me. 

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Turbo Fruits is a really hard band to photograph because they are basically 90% hair, but this show was so good that it doesn’t even matter. Not only did I get to see two of my favourite bands from the front row (forever overeager), but Deer Tick’s set list was FLAWLESS. We got all the best DT jams PLUS covers of Summertime Blues (would kill to see video of this) and Fight For Your Right. McCauley said that we were also the only date so far to get an encore (Cheap Sunglasses/La Bamba), so, suck it, everyone else. NOT SORRY. 

In other words, what I’m trying to say here is that if you like music that isn’t terrible, and you have a chance to see any of these bands (by the way, the Novaks were also good), do it. Go and have a gross, sweaty dance party to some of the most crucial jams on earthhhhh.

Main Street - Deer Tick

Today is all about Deer Tick/Turbo Fruits and Toronto hang outs with my best bud in the whole world. STOKED. OFFICIALLY A NON-BUMMER SUMMER.