"And control was key. GQ may mock the supposed effeminacy of One Direction, but they fail to see that androgyny is central to a teen idol’s appeal — because it’s non-threatening. What else do Elvis, Mick Jagger, Leonardo Dicaprio, and Justin Bieber have in common? They all looked like chicks when they were young. Teen idols are sexual without being scary. So they’re perfect for the stage in heterosexual female development when girls have sexual urges but aren’t yet ready to actually have sex. And, as a girl, it’s fantastic because you get to be the predator for a change without fear of judgement. But GQ can’t handle this. As the Daily Dot and Jezebel both point out, the grown men over at GQ can only conceive of young girls as sexual objects. They’re terrified of the idea of teenage girls expressing intense desires that are beyond male control, so they have to belittle them and turn them back into objects of derision. Bravo, grown men."
— The Huffington Post Response to GQ (via nomorebeardstagram)

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Feminists have always been accused of hating men because it is a very effective way of silencing a very threatening movement. In a society where women’s value is based on our ability to please men, and where men hold almost all the cards, the worst possible thing we can do is hate them. So when feminists point out and object to the oppression, abuse and discrimination perpetuated by men against women, this is framed as man hating in an attempt to silence us, in an attempt to ensure that we are vilified and ignored by the rest of society, so that male oppression of women and male privilege can continue unchecked.

No matter how we frame our arguments and no matter what kind of image we seek to project, as long as we highlight, object to and fight misogyny, feminists are going to be called man haters.

So I’m not going to waste my time trying to prove that I’m not.

— “Man haters?” by Laura on The F Word blog  (via ceedling)

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The Gaslight Anthem


Sowing Season

Sowing Season (Brand New cover) | Brian Fallon


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beards make you hotter.

this is science.

and mustaches make you creepier.

that is also science.

#this post will make noelle mad because she likes mustaches

Sometimes I see a post and I’m like “oh, yes, very good, relevant to my interests,” or, “oh god no WHY, that is nonsense,” but then I scroll down a little bit more to see that one of my princesses has tagged it for me accordingly and my heart skips a beat. Seriously though, hmu if you’ve got a moustache.

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1. study witchery2. act like witches3. obtain perfect life/role model status

1. study witchery
2. act like witches
3. obtain perfect life/role model status

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Good news, nobody! Finally fixed my Actual Pain shirt; it’s no longer two sizes too big. IMPORTANT INFORMATION. 

Remember that time Janis Ian’s outfit was seriously on point?

You ever see something that is so completely relevant to all your interests that you just kind of look at it while saying “Yes, yes, this a thing that is good,” and then you’re just generally stoked that somewhere out there cool things really do exist? That’s what this is for me. 

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Seriously not exaggerating when I say that I actually wept through the entire 10 minute process of finding out that this is a thing that’s happening, discovering that there are still tickets available, and then frantically messaging Kayleigh/Zani/Court because the BRAND NEW CLIQUE IS ETERNAL (paging Ryan and Jac to this post). Really though, as much as I love using the phrase “bummer summer,” I think it just became irrelevant to my life.