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I’m Sorry.


Perhaps we shouldn’t have a camera after all.

Just a bunch of dudes bonding over boners, no big deal. Also, this is probably the first time that my “boner blogging” Tumblr tag is (almost) factually accurate. So, there’s that. Really though, Tumblr buds, do yourselves a favour and start listening to this band alreadyyyyyy.

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Teenage Kicks

Be On My Side

Setting Son

Setting Son - Teenage Kicks

Oh, what’s that? There’s a new Teenage Kicks EP and it’s wonderfully perfect and heart eye worthy and you should all buy it? Oh, yeah, okay, do that. Just like, immediately give them all your money and love or something (Bandcamp/iTunes).

NO WAY. Someone must make one of these for me. Pretty please?

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Hey, I finally replaced the phone I broke on my twenty-second birthday. Tumblr buddies, if you want to be the best text pals that have ever existed, inbox me some digits. I promise to only electronically bully you 50% of the time.

(Where I Wanna Be) Buried - Wet Illustrated

No, seriously pals, someone plan a road trip with me to go see this band immediately so that I can stop complaining about it. 

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This band too, just because I said so. I mean, only if you like things that are good. If not, carry on.

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Hello people of the internet,

It’s been no secret that we haven’t exactly released a whole lot of material over the nearly two years that we’ve been a band, and there are a few reasons for that. One is that I’m incredibly pessimistic about whether or not the next song I write will be good enough, the other is that myself, and many of my age grew up in a climate where if you wanted to hear a band you bought their CD or at very least borrowed it from someone who had bought it. To avoid being a total dinosaur I’ve released everything I’ve recorded over the last 5 years for free, and unlike the success of The Weeknd it’s not necessarily that way for the remaining 99 percent of the music community (who aren’t backed by Drake or are in unknown upstarts like Radiohead and NIN). That being said, I think I might have missed the point in holding onto songs that I hoped would hit more people… in that only releasing 5 songs every year has also missed the point.

And with that realization came another, we’re starting a club and you’re all invited. We have a fairly massive back catalog of songs, and with Jeff’s continue success in writing his own good songs (IMHO) we’re never going to be able to release half of them, especially at this rate. The Teenage Kicks Singles Club will be a healthy mix of new and old, sometimes we’ll cover a song, sometimes we’ll re-record a Cain and Abel or Ulysses song, sometimes it will be a punk song, or a country song. The possibilities are endless, and that’s what I enjoy about the idea. Now, it’s just an idea unless other people get involved, so helping to spread the word is integral. Here’s the official blurb on the service…

 Welcome to Teenage Kicks’ Singles Club, the place where you can get away from troublesome commitment, the investment of your oh so precious time, spending too much money and whatever else ails ya in a tricky ‘long-term’ record listening situation.

Every two months the Teenage Kicks’ Singles Club will release a new A-Side and B-Side exclusive to the club for your listening pleasure, free of charge, of course. All that you need to do is sign up at the bottom of this page and become a member. You’ll receive your first single immediately, and once those 6-7 minutes are up you’re free to do whatever you please. Don’t forget that swinging is encouraged people, so feel free to share. The singles will keep coming until you find that special someone and decide to unsubscribe to our service. But until then, we’ll see you in the club.

*Teenage Kicks fully supports and encourages the making of full length records, even double records, but only sometimes triple albums*

So there you have it. I hope that all makes sense. On February 1st, 2012 you’ll be able to sign up and get the first single, it will also be the single from our new EP Be On My Side, which is being released just over a month later on March 2nd, 2012 at The Horseshoe (details TBA). In the weeks following the release of the single and leading up the release show we’ll have a short documentary coming online, a new website, and a few other surprises for y’all. We’re excited for you to hear the new stuff, so thanks for sticking with us thus far.


Not only are Teenage Kicks one of the best bands (are you sick of me talking about them yet?), but they are also really awesome about giving their music away for free. So, get into it, because it’s financially irresponsible for you not to.

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Here’s a couple random shots from last year. Thanks to everyone who came to the Silver Dollar for new years. It was a late one, but we had fun. We’re playing this Friday in London, so come on out!


I had a chance to see Teenage Kicks last year (they absolutely killed it) and now it looks like they’re also going to be the first band that I get to enjoy seeing live in 2012. I could not possibly be more stoked about this. Tumblr babies, if you’re a sane person who is into things that are awesome, you owe it to yourself to download their EP/come hang out with me and some of my favourite babes at this show.

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