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things i’m feelin

  • butts
  • spaghetti

things i’m not feelin

  • ur harsh vibes
  • america’s education system

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you know what’s pretty cool about not living in London anymore? basically everything, but also now I can reblog pictures of my own butt and not feel like that’s weird for people who see me in person a lot.

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This really rules, but especially I love, and took so much DELIGHT in, the derisive portrayal of tumblr seapunx. Hahaha.

It’s a Major Lazer jam directed by Eric Wareheim, nothing could make this better.

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“you can’t wear that!!!! people will get the wrong impression!!!”

the impression that i am a hot babe with an ass that just won’t quit???? honey that ain’t wrong that’s just fact

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remember when I said that I’d never make anything as cool as these tmnt shorts? I was so wrong, so very very wrong.

just taking a minute to be totally narcissistic and appreciate 50% off sales at value village, because I pretty much picked up a summer’s worth of perfect denim for $20 (we also bought flowers for mother’s day and maybe some for me just because they were tiny and cute and I am selfish, but that doesn’t involve shameless selfies so who cares)

there’s a special place in my heart for people who follow me after seeing pictures of my butt


ha ha hey here’s an idea if u give me $$$$ to buy myself clothes ill send u a pic of my butt

really though this is all I’ve ever wanted from the internet