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"[…] I hated them because they had something I had not yet had, and I said to myself, I said to myself again, someday I will be as happy as any of you, you will see."

Charles Bukowski, Ham on Rye

This remains one of the only things I bothered to memorize in highschool that I still manage to remember.

"And yet I knew that what I saw wasn’t as simple and good as it appeared. There was a price to be paid for it all, a general falsity, that could easily be believed, and could be the first step down a dead-end street. The band began to play again and the boys and girls began to dance again and the lights revolved overhead throwing shades of gold, the red, then blue, then green, then gold again on the couples. As I watched them I said to myself, someday my dance will begin. When that day comes I will have something that they don’t have.
 But then it got to be too much for me. I hated them. I hated their beauty, their untroubled youth, and as I watched them dance through the magic coloured pools of light, holding each other, feeling so good, little unscathed children, temporarily in luck, […]”

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Gimme, gimme, gimme. Can someone just start making me a bunch of rad stuff in exchange for nothing other than being graced with my wonderful presence? I promise I am really funny and cool or whatever.

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GPOYour parents just not understanding. 


Speaking of the big ol’ scary Internet, I had to read some VERY important literature on cyber bullying today. You know, just trying to stay up to date with the cool kids these days.


Well if Jeeves doesn’t know…

I already liked this once, but I STILL like it, so I suppose my only choice is to reblog. Life is hard.

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Really weird mood tonight. I hope I have an eventful dream.


LOOK AT MY INTERNET CLOUT! No, really though, isn’t it the best? It’s like he took all of my interests and then put them in one convenient place where everything is spooky and dreamy and perfect and I never ever want to leave. Get out of my room, mom. No, I don’t want to go outside and you can’t make me. You’re the worst, it’s like you don’t even UNDERSTAND.

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Brand New

Your Favorite Weapon

Last Chance to Lose Your Keys

Last Chance to Lose Your Keys - Brand New

You’re starin’ at me from across the room,
But turn your back when I walk up.
We got inches away,
And I never even got close

Not sure when this became my favourite/most played song off of YFW, but I’m not mad about it at all. The 16-year-old version of me would be so into my tumblr right now.


sometimes you just have to scan in some Brand New lyrics and post them on tumblr. because you’re 15.

Lately, I’ve somehow managed to become as completely obsessed with this album as a 24-year-old adult as I was during highschool. Teen angst blogging.

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Oh, grrrrrrrrrrrrl.

Oh, grrrrrrrrrrrrl.

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Yes. I am having a lot of fun right now. Thank you for asking.

This has been a sarcastic and totally necessary post. You’re welcome.





CONGRATULATIONS ON WINNING THE WORST PEOPLE EVER AWARD. You were chosen by a panel of judges and also my heart.

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It was bad enough when they were just fake sweatshirts, but now they are also unattainable cardigans and that is just going TOO FAR.

It was bad enough when they were just fake sweatshirts, but now they are also unattainable cardigans and that is just going TOO FAR.

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"What a jerk!"

Jason seems like a chill dude.