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An all Grrrl X-Men book is coming. (superherohype)

I’m excited.


i’ve noticed that a lot of people confuse “respects women” with “respects women they consider respectable”.  

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Being "Nice"


“How many times have I heard some of the cleverest women I know being called “feminist bitches” simply because they don’t conform to the “nice” girl image? Or, simply because they ask difficult questions and expect serious answers.

…there’s another way to be “nice”, and it’s one that doesn’t infantilise women. It’s a niceness I try to enact in my daily life. It’s having decency, empathy, sympathy and a desire to connect with people without losing your interrogative spirit. The fact is, being “nice” shouldn’t have a gender, it should be a general human characteristic that implies compassion and integrity. It should not be co-opted into a rather insulting idea of femininity.”

Being “Nice”

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I wish this could have been my version of a special snowflake yearbook quote.

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What are you looking at? Wipe that face off your head, bitch.

What are you looking at? Wipe that face off your head, bitch.

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"Coveting all the clothes" is becoming a real problem in my life. 

"Coveting all the clothes" is becoming a real problem in my life. 

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eeeeep, i did a rough draft of an idea for the BOSSY patch. the ribbon looks like shit. 

grrrl squad!

So perfect. I have so many plans for so many rad patches this summer. So so so so so. 

Sure, why not.


I’m starting to think that I’ve been doing this music thing long enough to stop being polite/keeping my mouth shut about ‘music journalists’ who talk out their ass, maybe it’s time to start being a bit more honest myself. This lovely review of my apparent chubbiness is a good place to start I think.

“Teenage Kicks is like a bunch of white tattooed guys playing street hockey that perhaps used to play in a hard rock post modern band sometime in the 90′s but now play a mixture of hill-billy exclusively Canadian rock that resembles a melange of Bruce Springsteen meets Tom Cochrane. They have a solid drummer, and the lead singer has a good voice. But even for someone like me who finds a bit of chubbiness attractive the lead singer’s jiggly belly was a bit of a distraction to the music (don’t wear such tight tank tops, dude? You’re not a skinny hipster). They did do an AWESOME cover of Helter Skelter, though.” - Rina Rosen, Grayowlpoint.

Fuck off.

- Peter

What they said: “But even for someone like me who finds a bit of chubbiness attractive…”

What they meant: You can be chubby, and that’s okay, but only if you do it in a way that I consider visually appealing.

Get fucked, Rina Rosen. I get having a personal preference about what you like musically, but this isn’t it. There are so many awesome things to say about this band, and they clearly missed the mark. 

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It is literally BAFFLING that everyone on Earth isn’t constantly fighting over who gets to date me. 


Common sense reveals that there is no correlation between self-respect and whether or not you show your tits on the internet or how many people you sleep with.

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Have we discussed the actual awesomeness of this toque yet or what? Because I feel like I am doing it a real disservice by not sharing it with all of you precious internet humans. Happy Valentine’s Day, jerkwads. 





New Comic Day! Add your own alt text for panel 4.


The original text for that last panel was: “Ugh. Society dictates that I sit here and put up with you until you get bored or interrupted, because asking politely for you not to bother me might make you aggressive. However, playing along despite having no interest in pursuing this conversation would make me a ‘tease’ and therefore worthy of insult. Even though I’ve never met you and you’ve invaded my personal space without my permission, asking for the basic right of privacy would be considered ‘causing a scene.’ I hate you for putting me in this position, and you don’t even realize it.”

It didn’t quite fit.

I have lived through Kate’s elaborated text description to this comic so. many. times. Especially in the last twelve months, my Unwanted Scary Male Attention encounters have been through the goddamn roof. It makes me fucking terrified and furious (but secretly, because I’m afraid of bringing out the offending guys’ aggression against me or ‘making a scene’ if I tell them to leave me alone)


Hey guys, you may not realize it, but women expect you to be psychic when they’re rejecting you. You took the time to build up the confidence to speak to a girl AND SHE HATES YOU FOR IT, HOW DARE YOU. She shouldn’t have to explicitly tell you she’s not interested, you should be Professor Xavier and just MAGICALLY KNOW.

There’s so much more behind it than just “I don’t want to tell this person I’m not interested.” Most of us are so inherently used to receiving a disproportionately angry/pushy response if we ever dare to honestly tell a dude we’re not into it (ie. The good ol’, “Whatever. You’re ugly/bitchy/fat/a cunt/slutty anyways,” or the ever popular and persistent, “Come on, don’t be so shy/rude, baby.”) that we end up just silently resenting the situation, hoping they’ll pick up on closed body language, and go away under their own volition. There’s also that whole pesky thing where we’re socialized to constantly assess the danger of all situations because the vast majority think it’s easier to tell ladies to follow the “rules” than it is to teach everyone about enthusiastic consent, and, you know, we could also talk about boundaries and perceived entitlement. It’s not that no one should ever approach anyone else, it’s just that we should all start paying way more attention to body language. Cute person smiles at you? Super babe shoots you a wink? Stone fox keeps glancing at you? Go for it. Attractive person sitting alone, avoiding eye contact, reading a book/talking to no one? Yeah, probably not.

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