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I know I bruise easily, but this is getting kind of ridiculous. 

I’ve spent so much time in pools this summer that now my hair’s turning green. Bummer.


Worship the unholy. Let me know what you think. Could be a new Hoodbats design.

I’m so endlessly stoked over this shirt that I just want to wear it every day for the rest of my life until people start to worry about my ability to be an adult. 

So, it looks like everything else in my wardrobe is now unwearable and unimportant. That’s a normal reaction, right?

Truthfully, a girl can only resist making an “I’m batty for Hood Bats” pun for so long. I’m sorry to everyone who expected a higher standard of comedy here (no one), but I am blinded by how hard I love this stuff.

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markchristopherillustration asked:

Tumblr buds, are you all following (or Facebook appreciating) this fine gentleman yet? He’s way cool/a totally nice human who makes some pretty rad stuff. I mean, at this point you’re really just depriving yourselves of creepy awesomeness mixed with some delightfully dreamy tunes, and no one wants that.