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gettin’ real narcissistic tonight

whyyyy is my hair so much nicer after swimming than it is at any other point in my dumb stupid life?


daily reminder that i’m a babe

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just taking a minute to be totally narcissistic and appreciate 50% off sales at value village, because I pretty much picked up a summer’s worth of perfect denim for $20 (we also bought flowers for mother’s day and maybe some for me just because they were tiny and cute and I am selfish, but that doesn’t involve shameless selfies so who cares)

So, I’m at home and that sucks because this town is DEAD boring in the winter, but I get to hang out with my dad and my tiny neighbours are precious and at least the lighting here is rly good and best of all I get to be reunited with this shirt (my dad bought it for my mom the day before they got married awwwwww cuties).



Teenage Dirtbag


Teenage Dirtbag - Wheatus 

We’re probably not real friends unless I’ve forced you to listen to this with me. 

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I want a list of everyone who has ever masturbated to me

Boner narcissism. 

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Look at this cute little spook babe my neighbours’ kids left for me. IT’S A GHOST. WEARING A MASK. LIKE IT’S ALL READY TO GO OUT FOR HALLOWEEN OR SOMETHING. Ahhhhhhhhh I think I’m dying, someone tell my friends I loved them (“How tragic!” they’ll say. Shortly followed by, “So, is it too early to call dibs on her stuff?”).

Anyone else get really vain when you’re bored?

Cleaning my room for what I’m assuming is the first time in years and I just found some weird party favour that is basically just all about making your own balloons. I don’t know who gave this to me, but thank you, for you are a great person who clearly knows my interests. If any of you need me I know what I’ll be doing for the next forever. 


I may be a total fuck up BUT my blog is flawless and I’m cute so whatever 

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Best vest ever or BEST VEST EVER? Also important: I put one of my Wet Illustrated buttons on the front AND I found my favourite He Is Legend shirt in the back of my closet, so, it’s a good day all around. I’m sure you’re all on the edge of your seats thinking about how exciting this post has been.

Important Discovery: There’s a flavour of 5 gum that’s black, so, you know, ~*~*~*~*~*~stay goth, official gum of Satan, endorsed by Beelzebub, etc.

Mom: What are those?
Me: Shorts.
Mom: Are you sure?
Me: Shut up, MOM. It’s like you don’t even GET ME get out of my room we’re not even friends anymore I’M AN ADULT ANYWAYS life is meaningless.

J/K though because this happened in the kitchen and it was actually kind of a clever diss, so I just rubbed my butt on her until she took it back because she’s only 5’2 so really what’s she gonna do about it? Pals.