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Well played, Satan.

Well played, Satan.

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cosmo tip #211


make any costume party sensual by dressing up as a ghost and cutting out nipple holes instead of eye holes

#you probably won’t be able to see but he will have a boner the entire time #boners are a good thing that’s what you want ok

Everything I know about boys I learned from cosmo tips. 


Common sense reveals that there is no correlation between self-respect and whether or not you show your tits on the internet or how many people you sleep with.

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Everything on my dash is so beautifully weird and perfectly creepy lately. You are all magnificent people. 

"This is weird, most of us haven’t seen each other since first semester. Everything is different!"

"At least Noelle still dresses like she shops in the kids section."

"…That’s probably because I shop in the kids section."

Resisting the urge to tag this with “things that I am intrested it!” (#Zaniapprovedjoke)

"See that girl in the stands? She got some great ideas."

Makes me laugh EVERY TIME.