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Best Adult Costumes of Halloween 2013 (Part 2) [submit]

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Stan Mikita’s Donuts was parody reference to the Canadian chain Tim Hortons in Wayne’s World. A restaurant named “Stan Mikita’s” and closely resembling the movie’s version was opened in 1994 at the Virginia amusement park Kings Dominion and at Paramount Carowinds in Charlotte. The Virginia restaurant was later converted into a Happy Days theme.

I’ve always wondered if Stan Mikita’s was based on Tim Hortons, and now I know. Thank you internet, you beautiful creation.

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You want apologies?
Girl, you might hold your breath,
Until your breathing stops forever,

I’m really into what’s happening to my dash right now

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Sean Connolly

Mac Tunes



A Dramatic Reading: Taylor Swift - “We Are Never Ever Ever Getting Back Together

I unapologetically love tay swift AND the original version of this song, but now some beautiful creature has combined it with one of my favourite things to ever come from the internet and I can’t handle it at all.

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noelle appreciation post <33333333

the internet has been so nice to me lately, oh gosh. luv u nadine, queen bee of my heart!

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Anonymous asked:
damn girl, you so flossy. ah yeee!! mmhmmmm

I have no idea what’s going on here, but I am so glad that this message exists.

So all y’all vegans and vegetarians…





I’d rather eat meat for a few simple reasons, as are the following: 

Our planet, the one we all live on, is only possible on to thrive due to the photosynthesis characteristics of the PLANTS. 

The meat followed, and is simply by-product of a more complex organism. They eat and destroy the PLANTS that make this planet habitable. So by definition, the people who ask for NO ONIONS on their ANGUS DOUBLE BEEF BURGER WITH EXTRA SLAUGHTER at Burger King, save the planet, more than the faggotry that make people think they’re doing good, by eating their lawn.

If demands are down then, then supply goes down down, so thanks to people the people who like a juicy steak, instead of eating a complete DIET OF CELERY. If you ask for more, you always be given an excess, so by being a vegetarian, you’re destroying more of our habitat. KILLING AN ANIMAL ISN’T ALWAYS ACCEPTABLE and there are laws in place to preserve the endangered animals, but when was the last time you asked for a WHALE’S HEART? No-one would be able to get through a solid piece of muscle and blood, the size of a Mini. But as out ancestors found out animals meat reproduces quicker than plants, and it’s more writhing in the vitamins and nutritions a human, or any animals’, body need to survive.

The ‘organ’, appendix, that our primitive ancestors, primates, used to digest vegetables efficiently is nothing more than a toxin store because as time has passed, it’s lost it’s use. If we were meant to not eat meat, then our appendix would be bigger and in complete use.

The CO(CARBON MONOXIDE) EMISSIONS of this generation are heightening which already destroy the plants, as well as our own health, we don’t need people to decide “I like to be a trend following twat and I’m gonna kill our planet even harder.” If we don’t give the plants of this planet to evolve, to at least a respiration level where they’re able to change the MONOXIDE TO DIOXIDE, then we have a very little chance of surviving too far, when it comes to the view of our life of our planet’s lifeline.

I know that, some people had this lifestyle, before it became just another Kabalah like trend, and to those people I do ask for your pardons. As for the, the new trended vast majority- they can fuck themselves.

This can not be serious, like for real.

“and it’s more writhing in the vitamins and nutritions a human, or any animals’, body need to survive”

Meat is more writhing in the vitamins and “nutritions”any animal needs to survive.

Fucking writhing.
More writhing

Wait, what?

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  • Dude: So, are you finally going to let me take you out for coffee, or what?
  • Me: Sorry, can't. I'm already in a pretty committed relationship.
  • Dude: Oh?
  • Me: Yeah, the internet and I are very happy together.
  • Dude:


This track here is not a song, nor a tune. It is a sound. A sound compiled by satanists in the early 12th century to open a door to hell to willingly give their souls to Lucifer. A sound used in 13th century Europe during Excorisms to open the gates of hell in order to send the demon within someone back to its origins. This track is a danger to play, for when it opens the gates of hell, it allows demons to enter wherever you are. Play at your own risk!!! There are certain “safe” zones where this track will not play at all and these zones are usually holy places, such as churches, where demons would not dare to lurk. 

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GPOYour parents just not understanding.