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Deer Tick - In Bloom (Nirvana cover)

Also, we got DEERVANA for a couple minutes. No big deal, right? JUST KIDDING, STILL STOKED. It was awesome and perfect and flaw-free and exactly what I’ve always wanted it to be.

HOLD UP. Blake Anderson wearing Actual Pain? I can’t even begin to explain how into this I am. 

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Blake Anderson’s impression of a nice guy.

It’s becoming increasingly obvious to me that I will watch videos of Blake doing literally ANYTHING. Totally bonered out.

Worthwhile things I am doing with my time:

  • watching Workaholics
  • laughing at dick jokes


Workaholics Pong Tournament finals. See more photos.


This is quickly becoming a “consistently reblogging Workaholics related things while remaining completely bonered out over Blake Anderson” tumblr. It’s a real problem in my life, OKAY?

Welcome to the internet, where no mater what you’re into, Ryan Gosling is into it too.

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Spending my Christmas vacation doing VERY important and worthwhile things (ie. catching up on TV shows I missed during the school year and wasting all my money on things I don’t need). Either way, I’m quite sure I’ve figured out this whole “Seth is a mega babe” thing. 60% general “what a man” status, 10% side talkin’ with a nice accent, and then the rest is really just all about this sweater. A good pullover (no, it’s a cardigan, but thanks for noticin’) gets me every time. Blah blah blah, shit no one cares about.

Christmas in a Chinese Restaurant - Diamond Rugs

This video is everything I have ever wanted and more. Also, this one too, but I had to buckle down and pick just one before this turned into an “only posting about how John. J. McCauley is the best human” tumblr. 


Give me money to fight cancer with my mustache. Reblog plz.

Hey. So, Logan is terrible and horrible and the worst and okay I am lying and he is actually kind of awesome and quite funny and grows a really great moustache and you should probably give him your money.

After that, you should all pay me to write nice things about you, because this is a clear example of how hard I excel at it.

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Okay, pop quiz. I am interested because… A: Chicks think he’s handsome, B: has cool car, C: has lots of cash, D: has no visible scars, E: does not live with parents.

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What a weird, stupid instrument.

My interests, they are being appealed to. That face! That voice! My heart! Sentence structure? Irrelevant.

Speaking of things I would date, I really enjoy when Seb related posts are the first thing on my dash when I wake up. THANKS KARINA.

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The Bump - Deer Tick

There is no way that John J. McCauley could possibly be more relevant to my interests. No waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay. Be still my heart.