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girls just wanna have fun(ds for university)

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I need it in my life :(

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noelle i want to buy this for u

leah just GETS ME

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Special night for all of us!

Attn babely London tumblr buds, are any of you going to this tonight? If so, let’s be pals.

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"Oh, and there’s the sexting. I don’t mean cutesy “What are you wearing?” sexting. I mean vivid-as-a-solstice-sunrise “If you were here right now this is where my tongue would be and this is what it would be doing” sexting. Sex drives don’t understand miles. They basically understand, “I really want to grab onto something” and “Holy freaking WOW” and that’s about it. Embrace it. Sext like it’s an Olympic sport and you’ve promised a gold for your country."
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For future reference. 

The boots! The suspenders! Don’t mind me, just swooning eternally over here. 

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Honestly, the hardest decision I’ve had to make lately involved figuring out whether to put down “blonde” or “brunette” on my passport application, but that’s not the point of this post. The point is that now I’m officially a responsible human who can leave my country, AND I get to see two of the original and most important princesses of my heart, Kayleigh and Zani, in less than 24 hours. Watch yourself, America. If you live anywhere near PA and want to hang out with some internet babes who are probably not going to kidnap you, LET ME KNOW.

We’re also seeing He Is Legend, but, you know, it’s not like that’s a big deal in my life or anything.

Truthfully, a girl can only resist making an “I’m batty for Hood Bats” pun for so long. I’m sorry to everyone who expected a higher standard of comedy here (no one), but I am blinded by how hard I love this stuff.

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Personal And The Pizzas

[2010] "i want you" single

I Want You

I Want You - Personal and the Pizzas 

Hello, internet pals. I’ve just decided that it’s totally a Personal and the Pizzas kind of day. This is an important post. 


Brick Homes

growing fear as fires rage across the mid west.
growing panic as nothing that the airplanes and trucks do can stop it. 
growing chaos as the winds come from all angles, from all directions. and carry the fires across every imaginary border.
there is no explanation. and there doesn’t need to be one.
the smoke and ash will fill every lung and poison every well.
some wander through streets and mourn and cry.
some give up on hope and find the quickest rode out.
i left a few days ago. i started walking with a canteen of mucky water. i’ve had dried blood under my nose for a week.
i stand alone in a charred field i stumbled upon.
twigs and branches and stumps. remains of cherished life and homes.
as all life dies around me i will feel a quite peace that i have never known and will never know again.

I’m just going to leave this right here.

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